Revolver Is Opening a Sister Restaurant in Carpinteria

Santa Barbara’s coolest restaurant, Westside favorite Revolver, has a sophomore effort in the works: Linden Hall, in the kitchen and taproom of the former Señor Frog’s outpost in Carpinteria (890 Linden Avenue). And there won’t be pizza.

“We’ve brought on William Moon as executive chef,” says founder Nick Bodden. “Having spent time at Majordomo in L.A. and most recently served as sous chef of Revolver, his focus on the menu draws from both contemporary American and traditional Korean cuisine. Another exciting addition to the team is our longtime collaborating partner, Drew Cuddy from Satellite, who’ll be taking the lead as beverage director. You can definitely expect something unique and exciting with the same essence as Revolver.” (Hence the excellent logo by Tosh Clements.)

The space, including patio and parklet, should handle around three dozen patrons total, and Bodden is shooting to open in late July or early August. In the meantime, the restaurant-to-be will soon launch a series of pop-ups at Revolver, Satellite, and Midtown Wines. Keep an eye on @LindenHallRestaurant for ticket info.

P.S. Señor Frog’s former dining room (below) is apparently being turned into a bookstore.

P.P.S. Along with the two tenants—Bettina and Corazón Cocina’s Ramon Velazquez—at the 700 Linden development, this makes the third incursion by Santa Barbara/Goleta restaurants into Carp.


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Very excited to hear these guys are doing something in Carpinteria! Love Revolver and Satellite in Santa Barbara and look forward to seeing what they come up with together.

Leslie Westbrook

This is GREAT news – – and i sure hope they bring JAZZ to Carp like they do at the San Andreas locale (but their pizza is killer!!)….any projected opening date Erik?


After reading these comments, I have to wonder, does anyone actually READ your articles????