Olio Crudo Bar Is Now an Italian Café and Sandwich Shop

••• “The owners of Olio e Limone have turned their crudo bar into Olio Bottega, an Italian breakfast, lunch, and retail shop,” reports H. (who sent the tasty pastry photo, too). “They have Italian schiacciata sandwiches that are insanely good and a bunch of other stuff.” In an Instagram post, Olio said it’s open 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every day but Monday, and there’s seating if you want it. (This appears to be a pandemic pivot, not a permanent change.)

••• Reports of Dawn Patrol‘s demise proved incorrect: the State Street breakfast-and-lunch restaurant has reopened.

••• Learned something new from Scene on State: “You can bring home a jar of your favorite Mony’s salsa (we love their pistachio salsa!) to enjoy throughout the week. Only $7 a jar! If you return the jar, they sterilize it for for reuse.”

••• The Vegan Chef Challenge is this month, with participating restaurants creating special vegan dishes.

••• The second outpost of Bob’s Well Bread bakery/café, in the town of Ballard, has opened: “The community can now enjoy the same Bob’s Well Bread authentic hand-made bakery goods and café selections found in Los Alamos for the past six years,” says the release.

••• More in the Independent on Venus in Furs, the new natural wine bar from Brandon Ristaino and Misty Orman of The Good Lion, Test Pilot, et al. Below: wine director Lenka Davis.

••• The Independent profiles Patience Ncube, who launched “Afro-Fusion Catering as a meal subscription and private catering service [….] The family-style meals come with a choice of sides that may sound unfamiliar or unusual to most American ears, but can lure even fussy foodies-in-training. Ugali, also known sadza, is a maize-based food that’s a natural fit for fans of grits or, given its density, polenta. Chapati is an African bread akin to East Indian paratha, which is similar to naan. Rice options include coconut rice, jollof rice (simmered in tomato and pepper sauce), or peanut butter rice.”

••• Spiny lobster season is nearly here…. If you’ve never been to the Saturday Fishermen’s Market, it’s definitely worth a visit.


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