Moving Date Set for the Saturday Farmers’ Market

••• The Saturday farmers’ market move to the intersection of State and Carrillo is expected to happen on September 7, reports Noozhawk. “Crews plan to install protective vehicle barriers at the intersections of Carrillo and Chapala streets and Carrillo and Anacapa streets while the market is operating.” (John Palminteri tweeted a photo of what those will look like.) “The barriers will be removed and stored in trailers when the market is not in operation. The city also intends to install four curb extensions at the intersection of Chapala and Figueroa streets to increase pedestrian visibility and decrease conflicts with vehicles.”

••• The city council approved the proposed changes to the Castillo Street underpass, but construction won’t happen for a long time. —Noozhawk

••• “A long-awaited county Board of Supervisors hearing on cannabis odor control ended in a split vote this week, as three board members [Lavagnino, Williams, Hartmann] voted for more study, and two said they were frustrated by the delay. […] They voted to commission a six-month study of the power upgrades that may be necessary in advance of scrubber installations. […] In six years, though, the county has issued only one notice of odor violation to a cannabis operator (at Valley Crest Farms, 5980 Casitas Pass Road).” —Melinda Burns for Edhat, Newsmakers, et al

••• “On the heels of a report from the state Auditor’s office, Santa Barbara County officials announced some minor steps this month to strengthen impartiality and public safety in cannabis permitting and licensing. […]  —Melinda Burns for the Independent

••• An update on the Santa Barbara News-Press’s painfully slow bankruptcy proceedings. —Independent

••• “UC Santa Barbara is set to host a pair of professional international soccer clubs as Wrexham AFC and AFC Bournemouth will clash at Harder Stadium on July 20.” Wrexham, of course, is famous for being the subject of a TV show, “Welcome to Wrexham.” —Noozhawk

••• The tree of the month is the African wild plum: “When new, the leaves are a light green; old leaves often turn a bright red before dropping off.  When crushed, the leaves exude the subtle scent of turpentine. […] Once pollinated, flowers produce dangling clusters of oblong fruits (up to 1-inch long and 1/2-inch wide) called ‘drupes’ (a single seed inside a fleshy coating). The thin outer layer of fruit flesh surrounds a pitted shell that contains a flattened, reniform (kidney-shaped), seed. The flesh is edible but tastes somewhat sour, much like a tart cherry.  While the flesh is too sparse to make a satisfying snack, it can be used to make tasty jams and jellies, as well as light wines.” —Edhat


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I have never understood the reasons for moving the Farmer’s Market to Carrillo Street instead of using the Tuesday State Street market area that is already in place. Using a large street with a lot of traffic just doesn’t make sense. I can’t recall seeing any explanation for not using State Street.


I agree. There is nothing wrong with where the farmers market is now. Why is it moving?

Erik Torkells

The Santa Barbara Police Department is building a new headquarters on the parking lot that’s currently the site of the Saturday farmers’ market.

Donald Polk

Would someone please ask the relevant city official to explain why they decided to locate it such as to require closing Carrillo St, a busy crosstown street, instead of putting the entire market above or below Carrillo where its impact on traffic flow would be much less?


I also cannot understand this. It really seems like an odd choice all around.