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Founded in 2014, EcoLawn is an award-winning landscape company that considers environmentalism core to who they are. We caught up with business partners Beau Schmidt and Chloe Kirk about EcoLawn’s services, team, and inspiration behind their work.

How Did EcoLawn Get Its Start?
During the heart of the California drought, we saw the growing  need for sustainable, water-wise landscapes. We felt passionate that beautiful landscaping didn’t need to come at the cost of the environment—so we found our niche and started EcoLawn in 2014. We put a small team together, and it took off from there. Next thing you know, here we are—busier than ever!

What Makes EcoLawn, EcoLawn?
There’s something special about producing great results with a team that’s genuinely enjoyable to be around. While kind and down-to-earth, our installation and design teams are experts in what they do. We aim to be an all-inclusive option for landscape construction, offering a wide range of services—including synthetic grass, landscaping, hardscapes, and custom carpentry, making our process unique.

Our team works exceptionally hard to optimize water savings, reduce runoff, and increase drainage while creating an aesthetically beautiful project. EcoLawn is a California Certified Green Business, a partner of the US Green Building Council Central Coast Chapter, and we are proud to support the United Nations Environment Program’s Trillion Tree Campaign.

2021 Was a Good Year for You! Tell Us About Some of Your Highlights…
Yes! We are truly honored by the support we received throughout 2021. EcoLawn was awarded “2021 Best Landscaper” by the Santa Barbara Independent Readers Poll, which was especially meaningful given the votes were from our community. We also received two awards from the Santa Barbara Contractors Association, winning “New Kid on the Block – Landscape & Hardscape” and the “Members Choice Project” for the Modern Oasis on the Riviera project.

What Can We Expect Next from EcoLawn?
2022 just started, and we’re already busy with incredible projects, so that’s awesome! This year, we’re excited to add landscape maintenance to our services. This addition came about organically—it makes sense that we care for the projects we know inherently, from the design to installation and now to ongoing service.

Looking ahead, we can’t help but be excited for the rest of the year. We’re continually inspired by our team, clients, and the community that makes this industry so great.

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