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Like all healthy businesses, Jade Flogerzi says she started her marketing company Clever Punch out of a need. “I was helping launch a winery but couldn’t find a good marketing person that could tell us in simple terms what we were paying for and what results we could expect. So, I learned to do it myself.”

Marketing Support for Local, Service-Based Businesses
Since launching in 2018, their team has helped with marketing over forty businesses, both in Santa Barbara and across the west coast, including Montecito Construction, CorePower, Marsha Kotlyar Real Estate Group, and DMHA Architecture—the common theme among them being established service-based businesses that serve a local clientele.

Turn-Key Marketing from the Funk Zone
Working from Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, Clever Punch offers strategy, branding, websites, social media, press, email marketing, Google AdWords, video, and so on, but Jade stresses that how they do business is more important than what they do. “Anyone can build a website. But coming up with what it should say and how it should look is where business owners struggle. So we handle everything from kickoff to launch—the copywriting, the design, getting professional photos, even gathering testimonials. A website takes four weeks, but we only need three hours of our client’s time.”

Expect to Hear Back During Business Hours
The team has expanded to six in-house, plus its freelance team of graphic designers, photographers, and videographers. After last year’s stark unemployment rates followed by a booming economy and “the great resignation,” Jade knows that folks are more particular about where they work. Therefore, she strives to provide potential hires with an impressive package and thoughtful company culture.

Interns are mentored with the opportunity to move into full-time salaried roles, work phones are provided, working after hours is not allowed, and a self-care/fitness fund is provided for her all-female team. “I get to turn off my phone at the end of the day and be present in other areas of my life. It’s a refreshing change from the workplace norm for sure,” says account manager Pateley Nichols.

The Proof Is in the Punch
Counted among their milestones, several of their clients have become award-winning organizations, and they’ve walked away with a few awards of their own. In 2021, Clever Punch became an award-winning marketing agency after taking home gold and platinum awards at the Hermes Creative Awards. Sales have doubled year-over-year since the company’s inception and their 5-star Google reviews, and lengthy testimonial page shows off their satisfied customers. So what’s next from this promising young business? “We are set up to allow for some serious growth. I know there are so many people out there who are fed up with marketing and need us to take this off their plate so they can get back to running their business, and we’re ready to help them.”

For more information visit www.cleverpunchco.com.


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