Inside the “Floating Home” Docked in the Harbor

••• Architectural Digest profiles Jeff Wapner’s distinctive “floating home” in the harbor—including a bunch of photos of the attractive interior. Thanks to S. for the above shot.

••• The Independent says that Charlie Munger’s monstrous dorm project at UCSB isn’t happening (but couldn’t get anyone to go on the record about it). UPDATE: M. forwarded an email the university subsequently sent to campus departments that said, “We continue to work on the planning and consultation process for Munger Hall with members of our campus community, donors, and stakeholders.”

••• “Sonos to Move Its Headquarters From Santa Barbara to Goleta” (301 Coromar Drive, near Deckers and Target). Commercial broker Austin Herlihy told Noozhawk that the ground floor of 35 E. Mason Street will be converted to retail, and he didn’t sound bitter at all when he said, “It certainly shows a change in the company culture as the founders were the biggest supporters of growing in downtown Santa Barbara. If I were trying to get people back to the office, a Funk Zone building with ocean views would be a more attractive place to work than a Goleta office park.”

••• The 37-unit development proposed for 320 W. Carrillo Street “went before the city’s Historic Landmarks Commission last week, and received mostly favorable feedback from the panel,” reports Noozhawk. However, “commissioner Ed Lenvik expressed concerns about the lack of parking. ‘Projects without parking scare me,’ Lenvik said. ‘I could see riots in the street, people fighting over a parking space four blocks away to be able to park their car.'”

••• “Are the Remnants of a 1942 Japanese Submarine Attack Lodged in the Timbers Restaurant?” The Independent takes 2,800 words to reach a conclusion of “probably.”

••• Noozhawk noted that the Santa Barbara News-Press still hasn’t restarted its print edition, ostensibly due to “power issues” at its Goleta plant. But in the week since the article went up, the message on the News-Press’s website has been changed to “the News-Press is entirely digital,” with “for now” at the end removed. UPDATE: “After a tumultuous 22-year ownership by Hope Ranch billionaire Wendy McCaw, the parent company of the Santa Barbara News-Press has filed for bankruptcy protection and reportedly is no longer publishing the newspaper anywhere.” —Noozhawk

••• “Caltrans officials do not have an estimated reopening date for Highway 1 in the Big Sur area. Officials say due to recent continued slide activity at the repair site at Paul’s Slide, an estimate for a possible reopening date for Highway 1 will not be attempted until further Geotech investigations are completed.” —KSBY

••• From a press release on Edhat: “The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting pilot program, the Santa Barbara Visitor Trolley [….] The Visitor Trolley runs Friday through Monday. The route begins at 11 a.m. with first pick-up at the Hotel Californian before heading into downtown Santa Barbara. The departure time starting at Hotel Californian is scheduled on the hour and half hour [….] The last departure from Hotel Californian is at 4:30 p.m.”


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ES Corchero

Officially, the News-Press is done. Declaring bankruptcy and all job eliminated.

Tollycraft Jeff

Truth is every liveaboard and most slip holders anywhere near (and far from) that floating monstrosity is not happy with it. Liveaboard and afternoon deck and flybridge views forever blocked, It is big, it is square, it is ugly, unlike Peter Crane’s charming 2 story and slightly humble floating abode with the spiral staircase and exterior decorations which filled that space prior and Jeff’s daddy paid for. Personally I wouldn’t mind if the Coastal Commission deemed it unfit or if it sank to the ocean floor and they drag it out to make an underwater scuba diving reef. Anything to erase that thing from the water.


Thank you, Jeff.
The Crane houseboat was beautiful. I bought my Cal 3-30, the “32,” in the living room of that vessel.
If you like something because it makes you feel like you’re in New York, when you are, in fact, in the most beautiful place in the world – Santa Barbara Harbor(!), Marina 3C(!) – you are wasting your life and should go back to New York my man.

-you don’t surf-