Has the Homeless Hostel Hit a Speed Bump?

••• Opening April 30 at Sullivan Goss: Just Now, paintings by Hank Pitcher. Pictured above: “Studio View, Storm Surf” (courtesy Sullivan Goss).

••• As BW noticed, the former hostel at 134 Chapala Street is no longer listed as pending—and it got a $200,000 price cut (to $3.75 million). Does that mean the county isn’t going to buy it and use it to house the homeless, as reported last week? County supervisor Gregg Hart, who had “confirmed the deal” to the Independent, has turned reticent: “Discussion about the property at 134 Chapala has only taken place in closed session of the Board of Supervisors, as this involves a real estate negotiation,” he replied via email. “With this in mind, I unfortunately can’t comment on the matter. The County can only move forward with purchasing a property after a vote in public session, which has not yet occurred. If and when that happens, the community will be able to receive information about any proposed purchase and provide public comment.” OK, but why the price cut? Is the seller trying to smoke out some competition at the last minute? UPDATE 4/26: I also asked the listing agent, Steve Golis of Radius, who said, “The property is available and wide open right now.”

••• Speaking of price adjustments…. One of the funkier properties to hit the market in recent years was 101 Mesa Lane. The short version, from when it debuted in late 2019: “Twenty-one years ago, four friends bought the 2.5-acre oceanfront cottage compound at 101 Mesa Lane. They each took a building as a house, and they made a pact: If any one of them ever wanted to sell, they’d all agree to sell. Now, two are ready to move on—but because the other two would much rather stay, the lot is on the market in three different ways.” No one bit, and now two parts of the compound are back with a new agent and a higher price. The 1,510-square-foot cottage formerly known as Building E and now being called Seaview House—is $2.485 million, up from $1.695 million in March 2020). And a “single level 2bd 1ba & accessory building” is on the market for $3.985 million; it appears to be the same configuration that was priced at $4.495 million in March 2020. Unless something has changed, you’d still be sharing the grounds with two other owners. UPDATE 4/28: It appears I got mixed up regarding the “single level 2bd 1ba & accessory building,” which correlates instead to 101 Mesa Lane #3 ($4.485 million). UPDATE 4/28: From the listing agent: “If you can please update the article to reflect that there is one owner staying who has purchased out his other partners. Your original statements are incorrect. Also, your statement about ‘it appears to be the same configuration’ is all incorrect.” I honestly don’t have the time or inclination to iron this all out right now, but if you do, by all means feel free to contact the agent.

••• From Channel Islands National Park: “On April 26, the National Park Service will begin seeking public input on the Channel Islands National Park Backcountry and Wilderness Management Plan. The 30-day input period begins April 26 and ends on May 26. Learn more [here].”

••• “Comming soon” to the Montecito Country Mart: Covet, women’s and men’s apparel by Santa Barbara’s Kate McMahon. I’d assume it’s a pop-up.


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