Ca’ Dario’s Montecito Outpost Has Opened

••• Ca’ Dario announced that its outpost on Coast Village Road has opened for pickup and delivery. Hours are 4-8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Here’s the menu.

••• A bit further down the street, Mesa Burger looks close to ready on the outside, but the inside is another story.

••• Important heat-wave news: Low Pigeon is selling bottles of cold brew. Each bottle has enough concentrate for six cups of coffee: “Simply add a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to water and pour over ice.” Photo by Blake Bronstad.

••• Kudos to The Lark: “We are proud to be partnering with FoodBank Santa Barbara County to support their mission in saving our community through food and providing prepared meals for the most vulnerable. We have adapted our kitchen for a new reality by preparing 1,000 meals to low-income seniors. Thanks to FoodBanks we are able to feed the community, provide work for some of our team members, and support the local food chain. Please visit FoodBank’s website if you would like to show support and donate.” Edhat subsequently posted a press release from Foodbank about the program. And Bell’s has evidently been doing something similar for three weeks.

••• I used to dismiss focaccia as unnecessary, but Bettina’s has changed my mind. (“You guys eat a lot of bread!” said co-owner Rachel Greenspan on one of our last visits….)