Alaska Airlines to Start Nonstop Service to San Diego

••• Santa Barbara County Fire Department public information officer Mike Eliason is working on a book of his photographs, to be published December 1 but you can preorder it now. (You might remember his striking image from the recent Loma fire.) Above: a shot of jacaranda season he recently posted on Instagram.

••• Last August, Alaska Airlines announced that nonstop service between Santa Barbara and San Diego would start in November, but it appears to have been postponed, because Santa Barbara Airport tweeted that the inaugural flight is June 17.

••• I had a nice chat with Nic Gerard, who has founded Gymspire with his wife, Alison Zarrow. After I offered to mention the company here, he sent over some text—which wasn’t my goal, but I see no point in writing something instead of just running it. (Is that lazy? Efficient? Both?)

There’s a new startup in town called Gymspire that provides a home-gym-specific interior design service. The focus is on designing modern, beautiful, and customized home gyms. The founders are recent transplants from San Francisco, and the idea was developed after the pandemic forced the closure of their favorite gyms. They wanted a home gym set-up that would both inspire them and enhance their daily lives: “We believe that a home gym should be more than merely a place to exercise. It should be designed with mental wellness as the central principle.”

If that doesn’t convince you to take a look at Gymspire, these before-and-after shots of a Santa Barbara project will.

••• The One Plant cannabis shop near the Target store in Goleta has opened.

••• The price of the recent Montecito flip by Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo came through: $28.5 million. They paid $22.7 million in March.

••• R. sent over a cute video of a bobcat intrigued by his Ring camera.

••• T. sends word that the county Department of Planning and Development is now requiring that applicants indemnify and defend the county against any third-party lawsuit (e.g., a neighbor who might have objections to the plans). I’d be curious to hear if anyone is able to get it waived. UPDATE: Z. commented that the requirement is not new.


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The indemnification requirement is not new btw. It’s authorized by code and has been required for years. The City requires it as well, pretty standard.