A Push to Remove the Southbound 101 Onramp at San Ysidro Road

••• The Montecito Journal reports that the start dates for the roundabouts at Olive Mill Road, San Ysidro Road, and Los Patos Way are different from what was in the Highway 101 update mailed out last month. “Construction is slated to begin on the Olive Mill roundabout in October [….] Preliminary work on the San Ysidro Roundabout will begin in January 2023, as Montecito Water District replaces a water main in the area. The roundabout project at Los Patos Way and Cabrillo Boulevard is slated to begin in early 2023.” Also of note: “Some residents [want] to remove the southbound freeway entrance at Posilipo Lane, which is being discussed and analyzed by the project team.” The current San Ysidro southbound onramp is hazardously short, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one at all. (The proposed southbound onramp is longer than the existing one, according to the preliminary designs for the 101 widening.) Without that onramp, people in the area—including visitors to the Miramar resort—would have to use side streets (N. and S. Jameson Lane, Danielson Road, and Virginia Road) to get to the Olive Mill or Sheffield onramps.

••• “The city plans to change the 400 block of Anacapa Street [between Haley and Gutierrez] from a one-way street to a two-way street this fall.” —Noozhawk UPDATE: Elle has an interesting  question: “I wonder if we’ll still be allowed to turn left on the red light, onto Haley from Anacapa street, after the 400 block of Anacapa is turned into a two-way street/block.” (You know, the double left-turn lane where drivers in the left lane don’t always know they can turn right on red.) I’ll try to find out.

••• “Design of Hotel Annex Gets Pushback From Santa Barbara Historic Landmarks Commission […] Developer Ed St. George’s project slated for a vacant lot [at the corner of Castillo and W. Montecito, next to Santa Cruz Market] would be an extension to his approved hotel down W. Montecito Street.” It’s pretty dreary. —Noozhawk

••• “The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined the cause of the brown pelican crisis in California to be starvation, the department said in a news release, although factors contributing to it are still under investigation.” —Noozhawk

••• “Riding a Financial Turnaround, Earl Warren Showgrounds Envisions New Uses […] 35-acre Santa Barbara facility seeks public input as it explores a new future while maintaining its equestrian and agricultural heritage.” Love how CEO Ben Sprague didn’t even remove his shades for the photo. —Noozhawk

••• “No Criminal Charges Filed After ‘Graduation Prank Gone Wrong’ at Santa Barbara High […] There were 41 students denied the opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony and related end-of-year activities.” —Noozhawk

••• “The Carpinteria Groundwater Sustainability Agency will start assessing a groundwater fee for all properties overlaying the Carpinteria Groundwater Basin. The agency’s board approved the fee of $48 per acre of land last Wednesday, in order to support operation and management costs for the basin.” —Noozhawk


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I wonder if we’ll still be allowed to turn left on the red light, onto Haley from Anacapa street, after the 400 block of Anacapa is turned into a two-way street/block. Either way, not a bad idea.


A left turn on a red light is only permitted when turning from a one way street onto another one way street. Same situation is found a block over on Haley at Santa Barbara St. If Anacapa turns into a two way street on this block then I would think the left on red would no longer be legal.

ES Corhero

The southbound San Ysidro exit onto 101 has always been an issue, even before the Miramar reopened (but certainly amplified after Caruso won his years-in battle). Getting rid of it altogether is a terrible idea. Lengthening it would be ideal.


That on-ramp is scary as all getout. ALMOST as scary as any Arroyo Seco Parkway on-ramp.