A Cool New House Is Under Construction on Padaro Lane

••• Now that Lynda Weinman’s and Bruce Heavin’s Pepper Hill hideout is done, we need a new house to fantasize about—such as the 4,900-square-foot one, also by Robin Donaldson of ShubinDonaldson, in progress at 3525 Padaro Lane. If you don’t want to watch the video, click the above link to see drawings. It’s worth it.

••• Work is finally about to start on the renovation of the Plaza Del Mar band shell (built in 1919); a groundbreaking is set for August 16. The Parks and Recreation Department is anticipating a spring 2024 opening.

••• Angel Montecito announced that it’ll move from 1221 Coast Village Road to the storefront next to Bree’osh on September 1. Anyone hear anything about who’s taking its current space?

••• Women’s apparel boutique Elvn (pronounced “eleven”) is now open at 116 E. Yanonali in the Funk Zone. Thanks to K. for the tip.

••• If you’re wondering why the giant red stiletto on Highway 101 has disappeared, Sharon has an explanation (along with back story): “The giant stiletto was created by my friend’s husband to celebrate his wife’s birthday… Sadly, they had to miss it and then she was never used so about five years later, he put it on the side of the road to be picked up by the trash collectors! Thank God, it was resurrected, and now has become a fun icon! FYI [the shoe is gone] right now because she is going to be celebrating another birthday and we got permission to borrow it repainted and put it back in great condition to last many more years!”

••• No one guessed Where in Santa Barbara…?, so here’s the answer. It’s at 1421 State Street.

••• From the Summerland Citizens Association: “The Curtin Maritime barge is scheduled to mobilize from Long Beach on August 13 and arrive onsite, offshore Summerland, the morning of Monday, August 14, 2023, to set anchors and begin well abandonment activities. Re-abandonment of legacy wells Treadwell #1 and #5 is expected to take 5-6 days per well (see well locations noted in Yellow below). […] As you may recall from past projects, abandonment work involves driving a pipe pile over the 100+ year old well down into the blue clay, thereby encapsulating the well. CSLC will have a marine mammal monitor on location to ensure there are no marine mammals within the established safety zone during pile driving operations. Residents along the beach may hear the periodic pile driving, which should last no more than 20-30 minutes at a time.”


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I clicked the link and it was worth it! I now know who designed one of my all time favorite houses in SB – The Skyline House is sooooo cool – our friends live near there and I have to wipe a little drool out of corner of my mouth every time we drive by.

Wendy Gronsky

i’ll walk with you in Hope Ranch! I could get a couple of us!!! wendy