You Might Get to Visit Rincon Island

••• In the Independent, the Santa Cruz Island Foundation recaps the history of Rincon Island, the 2.3-acre manmade island off Mussel Shoals, and proposes an event there: “In 2017, the California State Lands Commission took back the leases associated with Rincon Island, ending offshore oil drilling and production from the site. Rincon Island is now part of the California Coastal Sanctuary. The well decommissioning is on schedule to be completed by the end of this year. […] Now two years in the planning, the Santa Cruz Island Foundation is working with state officials to receive permission to host the second-ever event on Rincon Island.” Count me in! (Photo by Antandrus, slightly cropped, via Creative Commons license.)

••• “Bacara Trying to Close Haskell’s Beach Access at Night […] City staff will hold a summit with Bacara’s general manager sometime next week. And up at the Coastal Commission, a staffer replied to inquiries, saying they were still looking into the original agreement with Bacara to determine the exact terms of the parking lot hours.” —Independent

••• “Central Coast Launches Formal Bid to Become Home to U.S. Space Command Headquarters […] A regional effort touts the advantages of Vandenberg Air Force Base, one of several locations to be considered; a decision is expected by early 2021.” —Noozhawk

••• “Pier to Peak Half-Marathon, a Labor Day Weekend Tradition, Postponed by Covid-19.” Might be a blessing, given the heat this weekend…. —Noozhawk

••• Q&A with Santa Barbara school-board candidate (and incumbent) Laura Capps. —Independent

••• Q&A with Goleta school-board candidate (and incumbent) Sholeh Jahangir. —Independent


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Roman C

Have you guys ever considered to open the island for the public to fish on it ?