Vacation Rentals at the Well in Summerland

••• The Well store in Summerland now has vacation rentals (such as this studio with kitchenette and this studio without kitchenette), for $400-$500 per night, in the building pictured above. You can also rent out spaces at the shop for events.

••• Something for you to try next time you’re at Santa Barbara Airport: “Our terminal building dome over the ‘Santa Barbara -360’ mosaic by Lori Ann David creates a ‘parabola effect’ for a person speaking while standing on the central star.”

••• Treasured Estates is having another one of its big estate sales starting this weekend in Solvang. The company sends out long emails that I find hard to parse, but this sale appears to include merchandise from estates in Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Santa Ynez. Here’s all the info and a lot of photos.

••• From a press release from the city:

Residents will get their first glimpse of Santa Barbara Clean Energy service options this week with a mailer that outlines three new green choices. Santa Barbara Clean Energy, the City’s new locally-controlled electricity provider, will launch in October for residents. Detailed information is available online at

Santa Barbarans will have a choice in electricity options:
—100% Green: 100% carbon-free energy for about $5 more/month. To make the largest local improvement for the environment, most people will be automatically enrolled in 100% Green.
—Green Start: 50% plus carbon-free energy (more than Edison) at the same standard rates as Edison.
—Resilient: 100% carbon-free energy and solar. Net Metering customers, or people who already have solar, are enrolled in Resilient and will get paid more than they were getting from Edison.
—Edison: customers can opt out of Santa Barbara Clean Energy but they will receive less carbon-free energy and their rates will be the same as Green Start (same as Edison standard rate).

••• Opening August 22 at Santa Barbara Hives in Carpinteria: a show of pressed seaweed by Tamara Thompson. “During the course of Covid, I was fortunate enough to spend many a day walking the coastline of my beautiful hometown, Carpinteria, California,” she posted on Instagram. “It was during this time I became curiously intrigued with the multidimensional colors and intriguing shapes of the algae washed upon the shore. I began researching ways in which to preserve these flowers of the sea, so that I could share with others what I was seeing.” The one below aren’t for the show, but I thought they showed how great the pieces look grouped together.


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