Ty Warner and Four Seasons Appear to Have a Deal

So much for that last nugget of intel: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts posted a press release today that implies it has reached an agreement with Ty Warner on the Biltmore and the New York City flagship:

Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have been working together to prepare for the highly anticipated reopening of both the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara and Four Seasons Hotel New York. Both iconic properties are expected to reopen in fall 2024. Renovations and enhancements are planned throughout and the owner and operator look forward to ushering in a new era for both celebrated properties. In preparation for reopening, recalling furloughed employees will be a priority.

Furthermore, during its temporary closure the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club in Santa Barbara underwent a transformation, the details of which we look forward to sharing closer to reopening, and is scheduled to reopen in September 2023. The process of recalling furloughed employees will commence in the near future.

A few things of note: first, everything we’ve heard about the Coral Casino is that it has been separated from the Biltmore, so why is it mentioned in the Four Seasons release? (I’ve emailed the PR contact.) Second, regarding the bit about “recalling furloughed employees”: every former Biltmore employee I know is bitter about the way they were treated and has moved on, so wooing them back might require incentives. Third, if past employees aren’t interested in returning, the “fall 2024” reopening may prove optimistic—as the Four Seasons company surely knows, the hiring landscape is vastly different from when the hotel was last open.


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Albeit sad the way things ended for most employees after the closure during the pandemic, I for one would absolutely return to work with FS at the Biltmore. The company is a wonderful employer and the perks are even better- not to mention the property is an unmatched work environment, friendly coworkers, meals/uniforms provided (you don’t even have to do your own laundry) and the clientele you meet is second to none. Although I personally left to pursue work in another country just before the pandemic so I wasn’t furloughed although I would love to return.


Based on how they treated all of their weddings when the property first closed (aka they lied and said they were undergoing a renovation), I wouldn’t trust them to reopen when they say they will. I wouldn’t trust anything they say at all.


Interesting how after 3 years of “furlough” and 2 years of radio silence from Four Seasons to it’s employees, that they release this statement…also VERY CONVENIENT that this is just days before the mediation was set to begin for employees seeking their owed severance. I have any zero confidence this “renewed partnership” will actual happen between FS and TYW.


It is one of the most beautiful places in SB. I for one, will be thrilled when they reopen.


“every former Biltmore employee I know is bitter about the way they were treated and has moved on, so wooing them back might require incentives”

On Friday I had a chance to speak with a friend who was a former hospitality worker at the Biltmore and was (is) caught up in the furlough crap. He has family and remains friends with many who were workers there, and most of them have moved to the other top-tier resorts locally. He raved about the experience of working at the Biltmore and the perks. He took full advantage of the free hotel stays at other properties and 50% discount while on property because he’s also a travel nut and does as much as possible as a hobby. He won’t be going back because he’s found other full-time employment elsewhere in a different industry. Just another data point I wanted to share.