Two Local Favorites Are Teaming Up in San Roque

When renovation started at the San Roque strip mall at 3435 State Street (Las Positas/S. Ontare), formerly home to La Rumba nightclub, the plan was for a “new multi-tenant space featuring coffee, beer/wine, and full kitchen.” The plan changed: instead, Funk Zone taproom Lama Dog and Sama Sama are partnering on a new establishment in the space, which is being redone to snazzy effect by Kevin Moore Architect. Lama Dog’s Pete Burnham was kind enough to elaborate: “This collab will have an even larger tap list and bottle shop from Lama Dog as well as the amazing food we all love from Sama Sama. We’ll be very family-friendly, with games, TVs, and hopefully ice cream or something similar. These things always seem to take longer than expected, but we’re hoping for fall of this year to open up.” P.S. It’ll be called Lama Dog.


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Kevin K

I think they’re missing a golden opportunity to name this place Sama Lama. We already have Topa Topa – Sama Sama in Ojai (a winning combo if you haven’t made the trip). I’m sure this will be even better. #samasamalamalama

Cody Brown

Agreed, I came here to say this. Sama Dog is a huge missed opportunity.


Yes!!! With this and the new Brass Bear location in the Cafe Stella spot I may never need to go downtown again ?

ES Corchero

THIS is great news — plus parking! I can’t wait for Sama Lama (Oh yes, we’re calling it that whether the owners like it or not!). Great news for San Roque!

Karen sb

I am also very very excited about teddys from Carpinteria opening at the Mackenzie market. I stopped by the coffee house that the owners of teddys opened in carpinteria a few months ago, and I swear to god that I have been back to Brass Bird coffee for 19 days straight. It is one of the best coffee houses I have ever tried.

Obviously the people that own teddys & brass bird coffee are very talented and I simply can’t wait to see what they come up with at the old Mackenzie market.

San Roque mom

My contractor mentioned to me last week that the plans to open Teddy’s at the old Mackenzie market were no longer happening.
I guess the current owners of the property received an all cash offer for for close to 5 million dollars and they decided to sell.
Can anyone confirm?

Erik Torkells

The owners say that that’s not the case—while people have made offers, they’re proceeding with their plans.