The “Victor the Florist” Signage Has Been Removed

••• J. noticed that the wonderful “Victor the Florist” signage at 135 E. Anapamu (at Santa Barbara Street) has been taken down. The listing agent says we may learn soon about who is leasing, and there’s hope that the new tenant will put up its own sign—which would be good because the building sure looks bare without it.

••• The Olive Mill on-ramp and off-ramp aren’t closing just yet. From a recent construction update: “The start of construction for the Olive Mill Roundabout has been pushed back a couple of weeks to enable Caltrans, the City of Santa Barbara, and the County of Santa Barbara more time to finalize the longterm maintenance agreement. The project team anticipates having updated schedule information later next week.”

••• The community liaison for Rancho San Carlos (2500 East Valley Road) sent over this explanation about the activity there:

The property was purchased by Rancho San Carlos, LLC in October 2020. Since that time, there has been a focus on rehabilitating the land and the trees that make up the producing orchards in addition to making plans to restore the main house designed and built by architect Reginald Johnson.

Some of the citrus trees on the property were dead or dying and had to be removed. All of the trees that are past their producing lives will be removed. The younger more viable trees are producing nicely and the fruit is sold for food. We’ve seen an increase in fruit production at the ranch even with fewer trees. Once the irrigation systems are upgraded, younger, more productive trees will be added to the orchard.

While the owners focus on maintaining the producing orchards and the house restoration, they are getting to know other parts of the land and doing some visioning of how the land can be used as a family estate. Story poles are up at various times in various locations to give a perspective on potential elements of the property. As permits are required, applications will be submitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

••• The survey about State Street is trying to get to 10,000 people. I was a big fan of closing it to cars, but the current situation is flawed. What’s the point of a promenade if many folks are scared to walk on the pavement, given the way bikes—and other electric vehicles*—treat it as a road? (*The other day, I watched as two guys in motorized desk chairs zoomed up the street.) Related: Edhat has info on city-run workshops for people to weigh in on the matter.

••• Today and tomorrow (December 2-3) at the Ventura County Fairgrounds: The Great Junk Hunt, a traveling flea market with over 130 booths.

••• Country music artist Brett Young plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on May 19, with Morgan Evans and Ashley Cooke.

••• Through January 7 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art: The Architecture of Collage, works by Marshall Brown. Below: “Pantheon.”


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What a shame. That was an iconic old school sign and one of the few grandfathered in neon signs.


This hurts, but change is healthy. Surely the sign is salvaged- and will be resurrected at some point. HI! LET’S EAT sign forever associated with a long gone treasure in Lompoc was recently spit shined and installed at another popular breakfast lunch spot, American Host


Is there any way we can find out where this sign is and if it’s going back up? This sign is a gem and should be preserved, even if it’s installed somewhere else.