The State Street Promenade Now Has a One-Block Bike Lane

••• The block of State Street between Anapamu and Victoria has been restriped with a two-way bike lane and a northbound lane for cars, so people can be dropped of in front of the Granada. —Independent

••• “Greg Kirby, the owner of Replay [toy store] on De La Vina Street, has passed away,” and as a result, the shop has closed. —Edhat

••• The Coral Casino intends to reopen in January, but if I’m reading Noozhawk‘s article correctly, that doesn’t include the Thomas Keller’s makeover of Tydes restaurant.

••• Beach Grit ran an amusing shaggy-dog story about trying (and failing) to determine whether the beach at Rincon Point is public or private property. I’d assume the statewide rule applies: the public has the right to walk up to the mean high tide line.

••• An Amazon liquidation store [Lompoc Thunder Deals] is now open in Lompoc. […] Owner George Kassis says they are receiving pallets of products from Amazon. Items are priced at $12 on Fridays and by Wednesdays, are discounted to just $1.” —KSBY


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While I don’t know why anyone would need to drive on State, I don’t mind the single lane one-way compromise.

Perhaps it will encourage better bike etiquette with a more defined structure.

It does feel like they should have removed all parklets on that block though.


The Granada has a multistory parking structure behind it with a direct alleyway connection to its entrance. Don’t get the requirement for drive-by traffic here


All businesses on that block were given a 3-day notice to remove their parklets. Granada seasons vary but on average there are ~7 shows per month. And the surrounding businesses have to close outdoor dining permanently to accommodate


The argument over whether the beach is publicly- or privately-owned is a red herring. No matter the ownership, public access must be granted, like you said, to the wet sand.


That article was worded poorly. The beach is public property up to the mean high tide line but public access over private property can’t be mandated. The state or CCC can only do so through an eminent domain action or easement agreement with the private property owner.


My sense is that the shuttle buses from Samarkand and other senior communities need to drop their ticket holders as close to the Granada lobby as possible. These fans are the backbone of a lot of subscription events but they have mobility issues. Not sure this is the reason for the change on that block but it’s one possible explanation.


We should take a moment to give our condolences to Greg Kirby, the owner of Replay. A very nice man!