The State Street Advisory Committee Met Again

••• The State Street Advisory Committee convened to discuss issues around mobility—i.e., how pedestrians, bikes, and cars might utilize the State Street Promenade. The presentation nominally floats out four possible scenarios but leans hard in support of one: “The Entertainment District and Civic Center, stretching from Carrillo Street to Haley Street, would be a ‘multi-purpose promenade’ that would be shared by bikes and pedestrians with access for emergency vehicles and flexibility for special events. In the renderings, bikes and pedestrians share the space, with planters and patio seating pushed away from the storefronts under the shade of a row of trees along either side of the State Street. The Arts District, from Carrillo to Micheltorena, would have a dedicated bike lane and one-way vehicle access heading north to allow for drop-offs at the Museum of Art, Granada Theatre, and Arlington Theatre.” According to the Independent‘s recap, attendees were unimpressed. (P.S. Does anyone really think of 10 blocks of State Street as three distinct districts?)

••• “After seven years, the Blissful Boutiques Makers and Wares Market is leaving Santa Barbara’s Paseo Nuevo. The mall did not renew its lease.” The market will instead be at the Santa Barbara City College parking lot starting December 9. —Noozhawk

••• The Santa Barbara City Council approved the new regulations for restaurant parklets. —Noozhawk

••• From a press release on Edhat: “The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the $3 million fundraising campaign to purchase Gaviota Overlook. Protecting Gaviota Overlook accomplishes the first new piece of land conservation on the Gaviota Coast since the early 2000s [….] The property, 48 acres of rolling grassland that neighbors the Arroyo Hondo Preserve, presented the Land Trust with an opening to grow Arroyo Hondo’s trail network, programming, and public access.”

••• “After years of unsuccessfully trying to find a new home, the California Highway Patrol is going to repair and stay in its Goleta regional office. The current building on Calle Real […] will be closed indefinitely. The CHP will still provide emergency service, but anyone needing routine in-person assistance will need to go to the agency’s offices in Buellton or Ventura.” —KCLU

••• An interesting look back in Noozhawk: “In 1935, Lillian Bailey Brown Beale Child, the widow of millionaires, lived on one of the most stunning estates in Southern California. Her 17 acres were on a picturesque knoll across from Santa Barbara’s East Beach. The Child Estate, as it was called by local Barbareños, had it all. It had a magnificent mansion; it had beautiful gardens; it had commanding views of the town, the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It also had hobos.”

••• “Goleta Council OKs Plan to Replant Trees, Add Plants, Build Access Bridge in Monarch Butterfly Grove […] The Ellwood habitat management project is set to go before the California Coastal Commission for approval next spring.” —Noozhawk


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We do not need 10 blocks of those ugly parklets. As for the electric bikes…put them on another block. They are too dangerous for a walking street. Create a bike lot and make the promenade 5 blocks for a safe pleasant stroll, with some local commerce.
I’d also like to see the Holiday parade back. That was the most hometown, small town neighbourhood parade I’ve had the pleasure of seeing

Dan O. Seibert

Just now I just watched another city council meeting regarding bike lanes on State street (The Promenade) and let me be clear, Mayor Randy and council member Eric voted against this, check it out. Proposed by Kristen and supported by Alejandra, Oscar, Mike and Meagan, they authorized the city to spend $55,000 to paint bike lanes on State street. Am I the only one that thinks these same five that vote together on State street issues are in fact, delusional?