The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern Opens Today

We took friends from out of town to lunch at the Inn at Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos yesterday, and the friendly staff told us that the first guests check in today. I’ll likely go stay there sometime to do a full review. In the meantime, know that the Tavern restaurant is very handsome, particularly during the day, with light pouring in through all the windows; it’s serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and the breakfast and lunch menus have been posted online); and the Felix & Feed coffee bar, in the same building, is open daily from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., with lots of appealing seating. We were encouraged to stroll the grounds, so we did. The 67-room resort looks sharp, and the pool area is a total winner, but of course it’ll only be nicer once the landscaping fills in. (Are the room/building numbers a reference to horse culture? They sure seem clunky to me.)

As for the rates, I checked the cost of a Patio King Studio, the cheapest room, for various dates in coming months. Midweek in March, April, and May, the rate is $800 per night (nonrefundable and nonchangeable) or $1000 (refundable). For weekends in March and April, the rate is $800-$876 per night (nonrefundable and nonchangeable) or $1000-$1095 (refundable), while in May, a non-holiday weekend is $1062 (nonrefundable and nonchangeable) or $1327 (refundable). And the published rates do not include the $50 per day resort fee, the 12% occupancy tax (on the rate and the resort fee), and the $5 California tourism fee. So a $1000-per-night room actually costs $1180.

UPDATE: A PR rep for the hotel says that Gin’s Tap Bar (a bar and smokehouse) is expected to open February 16 (Thursday through Sunday), with daily service starting March 1. And the Shed, the poolside restaurant/bar offering “Mediterranean-inspired cuisine,” will open March 10.


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Light pouring thru the windows!

I wish you could have seen Los Olivos when Mattei’s was operated by the Bensons, or Chef Maili Halme.

Good luck Auberge- can’t wait for the dust to settle so the bright white paint can loose a bit of the shine.


How about when Bud New ran it in the ‘60s and ‘70s
You could still get a room for the night. The food was amazing

Bob Tylundall

Those rates are ridiculous, they need to come back down to reality. I understand you need to charge a certain price point to recoup your renovation investment to make money, but it’s a dusty road in Los Olivos. not beach front in St. Baarths. It’s strange the prices are so high. I’m calling it now “dead on the vine in wine country”. They have strong backing by the property owners, but the price is just crazy.


Bob – unfortunately those are the going rates for beachfront Orange County lux. resorts (Ritz in Half Moon Bay also) so…. Mattei’s is apparently playing the ‘lux room wannabe’ game. Also might be that it took $50m plus to build the place and if they don’t charge $1500/night there is no way the place pencils….

Sam Tababa

$1500 is the new entry level for any 5star hotel, anywhere in the world. Look at any luxury resort, hotel or inn anywhere nice and you will find prices starting around this figure and going as far as you can count…

Today’s wealthy do not care about $100’s or $1000’s. They just want the nicest experience possible and they’ll pay no matter what the cost.