New Building to Include Cantwell’s Market

••• The design for the four-story mixed-use building proposed for 1529-1533 State Street (Arrellaga), site of Cantwell’s Market & Deli, has been posted to the Historic Landmarks Commission website in advance of the March 29 meeting. The plan calls for “6,400 square feet of commercial space and 27 residential rental units,” and according to Noozhawk, the intention is for Cantwell’s to reopen there after construction is completed.

••• The three sisters who own Skin Deep, the salon and beauty/gift shop in San Roque since 1980, announced that they intend to retire by June. They told Noozhawk they’re looking to sell.

••• Five months after it was originally scheduled to reopen at 12 E. Cota Street, Beads is finally ready to throw open its doors. The shop is under new ownership and will be called Peacock Beads.

••• Ten local businesses are involved in a “vintage crawl” on April 1, from noon to 5 p.m., with “live music, special discounts, wine, and more.”

••• The Metro 4 movie theater on State Street is showing old films once a month for a $10 suggested donation. An Instagram account called Santa Barbara Classic Film Festival posts details, but only in stories; the last film was East of Eden.

••• Opening March 31 at Sullivan Goss: paintings by two artists, Betty Lane and Christopher Noxon (whose studio was a highlight of last fall’s Ojai Studio Artists tour). Below: Noxon’s “Meditation Mount.”


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State Street between the Arlington and Mission is very sleepy and underdeveloped in my opinion. I drive or walk it almost every day and it’s never not very sleepy. The Cantwell’s project seems like a good idea. The height feels a bit oppressive but the cost of construction probably demands it in order for it to make sense.


Only 3 of the apartments will be below market price. (i.e., affordable)


Ehhhhhh I don’t hate the Cantwells development, or at least as much as you can not hate four-story megablocks in SB while acknowledging they are gonna get built. By the time it’s gone through the HLC wringer it will probably look a bit more attractive – at least it has parking and a mixed-use development isn’t a bad idea for the space, more so arguably than pure residential.