State Street Promenade to Get a Designated Bike Lane

••• “The City of Santa Barbara plans to create bike lanes to separate bicyclists from pedestrians on the eight blocks of the State Street promenade.” It’ll be interesting to see whether “paint and delineators” are enough to keep cyclists within the lines, and of course no one is enforcing the rules. Related: the city council couldn’t agree on whether to institute a speed limit for bikes. (And bikes are only part of the problem. The other day, someone was racing a remote-control car down the promenade.) —Noozhawk

••• “Santa Barbara Central Library’s Plaza Renovation Won’t Meet October Deadline [….] Unexpected Delays, Supply Chain Issues, Asbestos Abatement All Contribute to Construction Missing Projected Timeline […] The new target date for the Towbes Plaza ribbon cutting is now set for sometime in spring 2024.” —Independent

••• “Portions of Goleta Beach Park are still closed following damage from the storms and high tides earlier this year, but other parts—such as the pier—have at least partially reopened.” —Noozhawk

••• “While finalizing its campus development plans in 2010, UC Santa Barbara agreed to add 5,000 new student beds by 2025. Now the campus doesn’t expect to fulfill its housing obligations until 2029 at the earliest, further prolonging its struggles to house students amid enrollment increases.” —Noozhawk

••• The county Board of Supervisors “allocated approximately $1.5 million in county funds to its Housing Authority for the construction of a 24-unit housing project at the corner of Highway 101 and Patterson Avenue.” —Independent

••• The Santa Barbara Studio Artists Open Studio Tour is this weekend. —Independent


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The bike lanes on State Street are overdue- wonderful! One should also be concerned whether there will be adequate signage so that tourists will be cognizant of bike paths and not continue to blindly and suddenly step into the street. The Santa Monica beach bike path has similar issues and it’s stressful for even the most conscientious bicyclists.


Totally agree, a bike lane is long overdue. I’ve always enjoyed biking State Street, even before it was closed to traffic, and don’t understand why people now walk five abreast in the middle of the street when they have a perfectly good (and safe) sidewalk.