Sistine Chapel Exhibit Is Coming to the Mission

••• Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition, which has been traveling all over the world, will be at the Mission from May 26 through September 4. “The ceiling paintings from the Sistine Chapel have been reproduced using state of the art technology. In order for the observer to fully engage and comprehend the artwork, the paintings have been reproduced as close as possible to their original sizes. The overwhelming impression for the observer will be the details of the art, the closeness to the picture, and the modern style of the exhibition. As a result, visitors can explore the artwork up close at a distance impossible to achieve in the Sistine Chapel.” Also: the exhibition “will give visitors access to a part of the Mission not normally open to the public!” Tickets are $25, with discounts for seniors, kids, and active military members.

••• Dalgenes Interiors is joining Miss Daisy’s Consignment and Mattress Mike in the former Sears store at La Cumbre Plaza. Despite my affection for Quonset huts, I would’ve bet that the one on E. Ortega Street would get torn down to make way for something new, but a “for lease” sign is posted in front. Perhaps a new tenant can encourage facade improvements.

••• Press release from the city: “The Street Operations Division will reopen Loma Alta Drive between Cornel [sic] Street and West Cannon [sic] Perdido Street to vehicular traffic Friday, May 5. The road will remain open for an estimated six months. Loma Alta Drive may be closed periodically in the future in preparation for storm related events.”

••• The Santa Barbara International Film Festival announced its 2024 dates: February 7-17.

••• Renderings came out for The Lofts at the Mill, the mixed-use development (ground floor commercial, 30 apartments) at the corner of Laguna and E. Haley.

••• Opening May 5 at My Pet Ram: Windward, “featuring new work by Ida Badal and Ryan Nord Kitchen. […] Attempting to visualize meaningful experiences is never completely fruitful, but the journey toward making known the physical and emotional actions of the past can result in a deeper understanding than pure representation ever could. Through abstraction, both Ida Badal and Ryan Nord Kitchen investigate the natural world and our relationship with it on various levels that allow for a deeper connection with the materials and process each employs.” Below: Kitchen’s “NM 4 (Red Dirt).”

••• I only just learned this (so it’s probably news to some of you, too): the City Hall parking lot on Anacapa (De La Guerra/Ortega) is open to the public weekdays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and all day on weekends. UPDATE: P.L. commented that two county lots are also open to the public after 4 p.m.; I emailed to ask for their specification locations, and this was the answer: “The Admin Building lot is one block north of the courthouse. There is an entrance halfway down the block on Santa Barbara Street and there is an entrance on Victoria Street between Santa Barbara Street and Anacapa Street. Coming in from the Santa Barbara Street entrance, the only public parking is beyond the gatehouse—the little loop is reserved for the County motor pool at all times. The Garden Street lot is the site of the tiny home project. The entrance is between Carrillo and Figueroa Streets.”


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Parking Lot

Similarly true for County parking lots; the Santa Barbara St and Garden St lots open at 4:00pm.


Exciting to see the new renderings of the lofts at the mill. Appreciate that it’s housing (vs. yet another hotel) and with the other projects in plan along Haley, should improve the walkability in the area and carve out a section of SB that’s more oriented towards locals.


The Loft’s at the Mill actually seem quite lovely, it will be nice to bring more life into that area of town.


Kind of shocked people think the Lofts look so great. This is like default instant architecture from LA/Phoenix/Austin, etc. I hope they consider replacing the greige veneer element with something less time-stamped.

Dalgenes Interiors

Siteline, thank you for including our new address and link to the Instagram page. We greatly appreciate the support.

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