Should the Name of Indio Muerto Street Be Changed?

••• From a press release that ran on Edhat: “The Tribal Trust Foundation, a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit with the mission of supporting the preservation of indigenous cultures and wisdom through philanthropy and education, has started a petition to rename Indio Muerto Street. This street name, which means ‘Dead Indian’ has long faced criticism within the Santa Barbara community. [The name] allegedly came from Captain Salisbury Haley’s 1850 survey of Santa Barbara when a deceased Chumash man was found near the street. It is claimed that the street was named after the Wot (Chief) of the village who was killed and buried there.”

••• “Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a new pandemic emergency order on Friday that means students in schools throughout Santa Barbara County will start the school year with online, distance learning. […] Santa Barbara is one of 32 counties on the state’s coronavirus monitoring list, due to a summer surge of Covid-19 infections, where public schools will be prohibited from re-opening campuses for face-to-face classroom instruction—unless and until the county is off the watchlist for 14 consecutive days, as determined by local rolling data about the virus.” —Newsmakers

••• “Buellton Woman Rescues, Rehabilitates and Advocates for Oft-Maligned Opossums […] Dawn Summerlin, a home care volunteer for the Santa Barbara Animal Care Network, says she ‘fell in love’ with the marsupial after her first rescue.” —Noozhawk

••• “Eucalyptus trees thrived on Ellwood Mesa after horticulturalist Ellwood Cooper planted 50,000 of them in the 1870s, but a seven-year drought in the 2010s brought bug infestation, disease, and dead trees to the remaining groves. The area is a famous wintering spot for monarch butterflies, which once hung out in the trees in astonishingly large clusters. This past winter and spring, large eucalyptus branches fell onto homeowners’ properties abutting the Ellwood Mesa butterfly preserve; last week, 42 trees were trimmed back on an emergency permit to prevent further damage.” —Independent

••• “Some [salon and barber shop] owners question why restaurants are allowed to serve their customers outside but hair-cutting services are prohibited from doing the same.” Fair question. Fifty bucks says Governor Newsom gets his hair cut outside. —Noozhawk UPDATE from the county: “In response to requests from personal care practitioners desiring to move some of their activities outdoors, Governor Newsom announced today that State of California guidelines have been modified to allow some personal care activities to occur in outside locations. Prior to the issuance of new guidelines, barbershops and hair salons were required by the State of California to remain closed. State law and regulations required that certain personal care services must occur within an indoor licensed setting. Other personal care services, such as nail salon services and massages, are also authorized by the State for re-opening outdoors. Piercing, tattoo and electrolysis services are still prohibited from re-opening at this time.”

••• The history of the 1923 Colonial Revival house at 2405 Santa Barbara Street. —Independent