Santa Barbara Might Crack Down on Vacation Rentals

••• Santa Barbara might finally do something about short-term rentals: “About 90 vacation rentals located in the city’s coastal zone—on the ocean side of the freeway—are estimated to be operating without proper permits; in addition, they are paying no transient occupancy taxes. It’s also estimated that 800 units are operating on the mountain side of the freeway, where all STRs are banned outright under city law.” —Independent

••• “Hundreds of Isla Vista Renters Face Eviction by New Owner of Apartments [….] Residents of the CBC & The Sweeps buildings receive notices to vacate by August for planned renovations.” —Noozhawk

••• “The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to amend the city’s code on rental evictions [….] The city’s legal staff proposed changes to the no-fault eviction ordinance that would require landlords to act in ‘good faith,’ and provide tenants with copies of permits along with an explanation of the scope of work for repairs before asking they vacate a unit.” —Independent

••• Monopoly is working on a Santa Barbara edition of the board game, and mayor Randy Rowse knows what his next Halloween costume will be. —KEYT

••• The tree of the month is the pink trumpet tree: “From late March through May—depending on the weather and when the tree is otherwise bare of leaves—its startlingly pink to magenta colored flowers bloom in great abundance, absolutely covering the entire canopy.” —Edhat

••• The Poppy women’s boutique at 911 State Street (Carrillo/Canon Perdido) is closing. —John Palminteri


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How is KEYT going to report on a Santa Barbara version of Monopoly without referencing the iconic and chaotic Santa Barbopoly board game from the 70’s/80’s? Still a few floating around on eBay ;)

Anna Cronshaw

Okay – that bit about Poppy was confusing – I thought you meant the children’s store at the Montecito Country Mart – whew!