Rolling Out the Barrel in Bel Air Knolls

Noteworthy new listings….

1514 Crestline Drive ($3.15 million) in Bel Air Knolls was bought last April for $2.1 million, and the owner gave it an appealing renovation, even if some corners were cut. (To wit, the step-down shower, the gravel-heavy backyard, and the galvanized-metal plunge tub.) The price is high for the neighborhood, or at least it used to be, but you do get a lot of space: a four-bedroom or a three-bedroom with a legit family room.


Despite the listing’s insistence, “turnkey” and “beautifully remodeled” are not the words that first come mind when looking at the photos of 1915 Garden Street ($3.199 million), between Mission and Pedregosa. In the property’s favor—besides the Upper East location—is the large, landscaped backyard with a broad deck. The front-yard outdoor seating is less convincing, however, and the two guest rooms share a hallway bath.


The seller of 965 Via Fruteria ($5.475 million), a 1961 three-bedroom in Hope Ranch, paid $4.5 million in May 2021 (i.e., peak pandemic market); the previous owner paid $3.4 million in September 2020. The kitchen counters got updated, but the listing doesn’t mention any other improvements. The surrounding geography is dramatic, with both hills and a valley in the views, but I wonder whether that, plus the squat architecture, impacts the amount of light that makes it inside the house. P.S. What do you think happens in the quartet of chairs around a footstool?


3 Hollister Ranch Road ($635,000) and 46 Hollister Ranch Road ($675,000) are opportunities to buy access, and not much more, to Hollister Ranch.


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“ 1915 Garden Street ($3.199 million), between Mission and Pedregosa”

I’m sorry… a 1960’s 1600 sq ft generic tract house is going for $3.2mil and they can’t even move all their junk out or remove the used carpeting??? ?