New State Law Bans Parking Minimums for New Developments

••• The Yes Store, an annual holiday pop-up for arts-and-crafts gifts, opens November 3 at the corner of State and Figueroa. —John Palminteri

••• “A new bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom could revolutionize housing projects in Santa Barbara by taking planning decisions out of the hands of local officials. Assembly Bill 2097 removes minimum parking requirements for housing and commercial projects within a half-mile of transit stops. The bill’s language states that the law will prohibit a public agency from imposing any minimum automobile parking requirement on any residential, commercial or other development project.” —Noozhawk

••• “The Goleta City Council voted unanimously Thursday to move the Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project forward into the final design and construction phases. The restriping project […] will reduce Hollister Avenue in Old Town from four lanes to two lanes—one in each direction—add back-in angled parking on the north side, and add buffered bike lanes between parking and traffic lanes in each direction.” As someone who regularly bikes on Cabrillo Boulevard, I find it hard to believe that back-in angled parking is safer for cyclists, because we get forced into traffic by drivers hanging out in the buffer waiting for a spot (or repeatedly trying to park within the lines). —Noozhawk

••• “Santa Barbara Continues Coronavirus Sewage Surveillance [….] City Monitoring Community’s Wastewater for Covid-19 at El Estero Water Resource Center.” —Independent

••• “Goleta city officials have updated the progress of a project to remove the oil piers at Haskell’s Beach. […] The project is on schedule to be completed by early 2023.” —KSBY

••• A Tesla was found in the waters off Carp yesterday morning. ““The owner drove onto the sand, and then the tide came in,” Raquel Zick, public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, told Noozhawk. “The situation went from bad to worse.” (Photo by Jason Paluska.)


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