Los Padres National Forest Is Closed for Two Months

••• From the Los Padres Forest Association: “The Forest Service has issued a forest-wide closure of the Los Padres Forest” effective immediately, and that includes the front-country trails. “The closure order states that the closure will last 60-days but we’re hopeful that it can be revised or modified on a local level as portions of the forest are surveyed, cleaned up, and repaired.” (And the Forest Service announcement itself threatens that “law enforcement officers will strictly enforce the closure order, which carries a penalty of $5,000 and/or six months in jail.”) To help speed things up, consider donating to the LPFA or the Montecito Trails Foundation. (The above photo of McMenemy Trail is by MTF scout Scott Addison Jerlow; the one below is of Montecito Hot Springs, via the LPFA.) And speaking of the MTF, it had this to add:

In the meantime, follow the status of these trails and park systems as they are not in the forest and may either be open or recover sooner: Parma Park, Ellwood Bluffs, More Mesa, Malibu State Park, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (currently closed), Sulphur Mountain Road (Ventura/Ojai), Malibu State Park, Gaviota, Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyon, Harmon Canyon (Ventura), Elings Park (currently closed), San Marcos Preserve, Tucker’s Grove, Toro Canyon Park, Sycamore Canyon.

••• The Summerland Citizens Association sent out an update on the offshore oil seepage, including all the oily stuff washing up on the shore; also, beach erosion has exposed all manner of old oil-industry infrastructure that’s best avoided. Officials said sand will return to cover it up. (Photos by Robin Van Tassell and Phyllis Noble, respectively.)

Cal Fish & Wildlife has informed us that by law, oily debris cannot be thrown in the regular trash. […] As badly as we all want to grab some gloves pulling together to clean up the beach, please do not until the SCA receives formal notice it is again safe to pick up debris off our beaches. Anything that washed ashore such as lobster traps, ropes, and such that could hurt sea life have been removed.

We have been noticed by County Parks that Lookout Park is open, however, beach access is closed. The County informed us they have several red and white signs and oil warning signs that addresses the health risks of swimming or contact with oil posted at Lookout Park.

••• Meanwhile, stay away from all bluffs for a while.

••• K. pointed out that interior designer Birgit Klein has moved her showroom/shop from Montecito’s Upper Village to Coast Village Circle, where it’s by appointment only.

••• Important news if you’re flying out of Santa Barbara Airport later this month:

••• Neat rental in Montecito: 281 Butterfly Lane, a 1930 house by Mary Craig. It’s $17,500 per month, unfurnished.


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