Little Consensus About What to Do With State Street

••• Noozhawk recapped the State Street Advisory Committee meeting about the three design scenarios; predictably, there were many opinions.

••• From a Santa Barbara Police Department press release on Noozhawk: “Santa Barbara Police Gun Buyback Event Nets 137 Unwanted Firearms.”

••• “Santa Barbara Council Denies Appeals of Six Restaurants Fighting to Keep Dining Parklets […] City leaders uphold removal orders over ADA compliance.” —Noozhawk

••• “A rare native California plant species [the Santa Ynez groundstar (Ancistrocarphus keilii)] was recently rediscovered after having been missing in action for nearly 30 years. […] The one and only known population of the plant was located on the Vandenberg Space Force Base by a team of botanists from the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and California Native Plant Society. Prior to the groundstar coming out of hiding, it was only known from very old records and one or two occurrences.” —Independent

••• “Santa Barbara’s popular Inspiration Point hiking trail [reopened] Memorial Day weekend after a three-month closure for repairs.” —Noozhawk

••• The tree of the month is the cape chestnut: “In late spring and early summer, its spikes of vibrant pink flowers can cover the entire tree canopy. Even though it has been planted in Santa Barbara since the late1800s, there are relatively few now available for public viewing.” —Edhat

••• “It was a spectacular test in the skies above the Central Coast. For the first time, a one-of-a-kind plane with a 385-foot wingspan launched an unmanned aircraft which will be used to test, and develop new technology for hypersonic flight. It a project being developed by an aerospace research company called Stratolaunch.”KCLU


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