Law Passed Allowing Public Access to Hollister Ranch Beaches

••• “The holiday-themed Santa Barbara Night Market inside the former downtown Macy’s building has been canceled. Organizer Glen Broomberg planned for a bigger shopping experience with 300 vendors and a second story ice skating rink but apparently had a conflict with Paseo Nuevo management over the lease and structural plan.” (Photo courtesy Plum Gift Boutique in Ventura.) —Edhat

••• The Target store in Goleta “is scheduled to have a soft opening on October 16” before its official opening on October 20. —KEYT

••• “Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Wednesday a bill designed to open the exclusive beaches at Hollister Ranch—a significant move forward under his administration on an issue that has stalled for decades in the face of powerful landowners. […] The law declares that the public must be allowed to enter the ranch by land and access some of its 8.5 miles of shoreline by April 2022. Further access would be phased in under a comprehensive plan to be developed in the next two years. It is also now a crime, punishable by tens of thousands of dollars in fines, for any action by a person or group ‘to impede, delay, or otherwise obstruct the implementation of’ public access to these coveted beaches and surf breaks in Santa Barbara County.” —L.A. Times

••• “A mountain lion was spotted for the fourth time near UC Santa Barbara Monday evening.” It may or may not be the same lion that was seen three times around September 19. —Edhat

••• “Great white sharks return to Carpinteria coastline, a phenomenon that’s attracted documentary film crews from around the globe has returned to the beaches off Padaro Lane.” —KCOY

••• The city council voted to “overhaul waterfront rules so that vehicles with ‘blue’ parking permits—which are $95 a year for harbor slip owners and originally intended to accommodate multi-day fishing trips—can’t ‘abuse the privilege,’ explained Acting Waterfront Director Brian Bosse. Now, blue-permit cars that sit in any of the eight waterfront lots for 30 consecutive days must vacate their spaces for 96 hours before returning. If they leave at any point during the 30-day window, even for a short while, the clock starts over.” —Independent

••• “Three candidates are vying to represent the Eastside’s District 1 on the Santa Barbara City Council this year. […] The two main problems discussed by all three District 1 candidates are homelessness and affordable housing. Incumbent Jason Dominguez, community advocate Alejandra Gutierrez, and sixth-time runner Cruzito Herrera Cruz share their plans to tackle these and smaller, Eastside-specific issues.” —Independent