Lamborghini Caught Going 152 Miles Per Hour on Highway 154

••• Santa Barbara Cemetery—the big one between Butterfly Beach and the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge—wants to add “2,358 precast underground burial crypts […] to a 1.17-acre area of the cemetery. […] Crypts would be stacked on top of existing burials, doubling the available square footage of the area. The cemetery stacks crypts about every 10 years as it runs out of available space.” (Wouldn’t you rather spend eternity in a forest?) But “members of the Planning Commission requested to have the plan peer reviewed following the arborist’s report for the area.” —Noozhawk

••• “In the scramble to meet the state’s guidelines to certify a Housing Element plan before the February deadline, counties across California are forced to reckon with the reality of expanding their housing markets without expanding their borders. […] Local governments that do not meet their deadline to certify could lose their discretionary authority to review housing projects, in effect granting developers a near-free pass to build any projects that meet minimum local standards.” Santa Barbara County put much of the rezoning burden on Carpinteria, which is predictably unhappy about it. —Independent

••• “The driver of a Lamborghini was nabbed for traveling 152 mph on Highway 154 in the Santa Ynez Valley on Sunday.” All he got was a ticket. —Noozhawk

••• An update on Carpinteria’s Surfliner Inn: “Santa Barbara County finished counting its remaining vote-by-mail ballots on Friday, and the updated numbers show Measure T is still failing by 79 votes. […] As of Friday, the county is still processing 1,630 provisional ballots, along with 1,350 other ballots that are damaged or require further review.” —Coastal View News

••• The 7-Eleven store on Milpas was looted by teenagers, and it’s closing December 5. —Edhat

••• “The City of Santa Barbara’s construction project has progressed enough at Central Library that the community will have access to the children’s library beginning Friday, November 18.” —KSBY

••• From a press release on Coastal View News: “The Carpinteria Valley Water District and Carpinteria Sanitary District have partnered to develop an advanced water purification facility which will create a drought-resilient water supply for our service area. […] The project involves taking water that has already been treated at the CSD Wastewater Treatment Plant, purifying it in a new advanced water purification facility, and transporting it through its own water system to be stored in the groundwater basin.”

••• November’s tree of the month is the weeping fig: “The weeping fig is monoecious, meaning each tree bears both female flowers and male flowers. The flowers develop and remain entirely sheltered on the inside of a fleshy, hollow, receptacle called a  syconium. On all fig trees, this type of flower-bearing structure (inflorescence) is also the fruit. The encased flowers are pollinated by tiny wasps that enter the syconium’s tiny hole at its terminal end. Once the flowers are pollinated, the resulting spherical fruits (1/3- to 1/2-inch in diameter) usually occur in pairs, are green when young, and turn orange-red when ripe. The fig fruit is technically edible; however, it is usually only eaten by birds.” —Edhat

••• “Social media superstar” Colleen Ballinger was the recent buyer of a 1919 house on Mission Canyon Road. “Born and raised in Santa Barbara, where her parents and much of her extended family continue to reside, Ballinger shot to worldwide internet fame with her Miranda Sings character. Since then, she’s amassed more than 5 billion lifetime YouTube views, making her one of the all-time most successful creators on the platform.” (The video below appears to be about a different house but I didn’t watch enough of it to find out.) —Dirt


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The report of a Milpas 7-11 “looting” might have been a hoax. Is there any confirmation of this episode other than the Edhat report?