First Look Inside the Bosse Toy Train Museum

The Bosse Toy Train Museum on State Street has finally started opening its doors to the public, and because I’ve been hounding them for years, they invited me over. You don’t have to be a train enthusiast or a kid to get a kick out of the museum, which displays a fraction of Art Bossé’s collection and is a terrific addition to State Street. The fun starts at soon as you step inside the door, where you purchase admission at a station-style ticket window—and where a train chugs along above you, up near the ceiling. Farther in, you’ll find vitrines with toy trains (some extremely rare) and other train-related gear. The highlight is the detailed layout of a small town crisscrossed with tracks, where trains loop around in both directions. And upstairs is a replica of an observation car that you can pose in front of. If you spot Art Bossé, ask him about the trains; the museum is clearly a labor of love.

On its website, the museum states that it’s only open for group tours, but it’s also taking individual reservations. Click on “plan a visit” and fill out the form to hear about the next opportunity. And keep an eye on the space next door: the museum is in the process of doubling in size. UPDATE: Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and children under 18, and free for children under 5.


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Meg DiNapoli

I would like to get tickets to come visit. How soon can I come?

Erik Torkells

To hear about the next opportunity, go to, click on “plan a visit,” and fill out the form.

Steve Waller

Is that a photo of Art at the top of this article?

May I have permission to use it in my train club newsletter?