First Look at the Proposed Tri-County Produce Development

••• Palma Colectiva sent over photos by Sara Prince of its studio in Victoria Court, now that it’s fully up and running. “The mindfulness studio hosts weekly workshops and ceremonies including sound baths and breathwork and has a clean beauty apothecary with wellness and metaphysical books and gifts. Upstairs is a treatment room offering reiki, intuitive healing sessions, coaching, hypnotherapy, massage and sculpting facials.”

••• According to @MichelBrewer/@SB_Updater, the Santa Barbara Zoo is asking residents how they feel about a parcel tax to fund the organization. Click on “Read the full conversation on Twitter” to see more about it.

••• In advance of the June 15 meeting of the city’s Planning Commission, plans were submitted for the new “99 residential unit, four-story mixed-use building” at 335 S. Milpas Street. “The owner of Tri-County Produce is an investor and partner in this project, to ensure the longevity of his business. The employees of Tri-County Produce struggle to find affordable housing in Santa Barbara, and this project will provide work-force housing and they would be eligible to rent the very low-income units. Tri-County Produce will continue to operate and occupy the new commercial space as a key piece of the proposed project.” Also worth noting: “Three incentives/concessions are required for the project. The first incentive/concession is necessary for portions of the building to exceed 45′-0″ in height. […] The second incentive/concession is necessary for a reduction to the required parking as the project does not meet the Zoning Ordinance for parking. However, a Shared Parking Study was completed for the project and shows a peak shared parking demand of 127 parking spaces, so the proposed 127 parking spaces would accomodate the peak parking demand. The third incentive/concession is necessary for a reduction to the required outdoor open space.”

••• The latest update on Highway 101 construction says that the northbound offramp at Olive Mill Road will reopen tomorrow night.

••• Wilco plays the Arlington Theatre on October 13.

••• And Neil Young plays a solo show at the Santa Barbara Bowl on July 7. (“Per artist request, tickets for this event are non-transferable.”) So weird to hear people clapping and whooping to this song….


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Agree. They are not open to the public and charge quite a bit as it is. There’s no justification for a few, and if they get a fee, every other tourist attraction in SB will want one. I’d rather support the Botanic Garden or Natural History museum.