Détente for Ty Warner and Four Seasons?

••• The Wall Street Journal has an update on the flagship Four Seasons hotel in New York City: “Four Seasons and Ty Warner, the billionaire owner of the Midtown hotel, are advancing toward an agreement for a new contract that would reopen the 368-room luxury hotel, according to people familiar with the matter. No deal has concluded but one could be reached before the end of the summer.” If Warner and Four Seasons can get to yes on the New York property, perhaps they can do the same for the Biltmore—although the latter is presumably less crucial to the Four Seasons than a marquee hotel in Midtown Manhattan. According to the article, which is behind a paywall, the Four Seasons is simultaneously vying to manage the Plaza Hotel—i.e., letting Warner know that it can walk away from a deal.

••• The Santa Claus Lane Bikeway has opened through Labor Day, after which it will close again “for the final installation of the barrier rail. A temporary railing is in place during the temporary opening.” —KEYT

••• A rundown of July 4 events in the area. —Noozhawk

••• “Renoviction law was back before the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, as the five supervisors considered adding language requiring a landlord, if taking a rental unit off the market, to allow the tenant to return in a no-fault eviction. As well, all landlords in the county would be required to offer their tenants a one-year, or longer, lease within 60 days after passage of the ordinance.” —Independent

••• Goodreads founders Otis and Elizabeth Chandler paid $12.1 million for a house on Eucalyptus Hill. —Dirt

••• Not local-specific, but still relevant: “Shattered Nerves, Sleepless Nights: Pickleball Noise Is Driving Everyone Nuts […] The incessant pop-pop-pop of the fast-growing sport has brought on a nationwide scourge of unneighborly clashes, petitions, calls to the police and lawsuits, with no solution in sight.” —New York Times

••• The Fess Parker Wine Country Inn in Los Olivos updated its 19 guest rooms: “think curvy boucle armchairs around cozy fireplaces, wrought iron four-poster beds, and soaking tubs.” —C Magazine


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Mark Matthew Egan

Ty is a tiny bit insane and a billionaire so the regular rules don’t apply. Memo to self never get on the other side of a transaction with a billionaire unless you’re one as well.