Better Burrito Has Launched a Sandwich Business

••• The Bagel Boiz and baker Skylar Bryce are collaborating this week on an apple pie bialy (above): “our sourdough bagel dough with honey instead of malt syrup, Sky’s caramel apple pie filling and crumble, brushed with butter, and sprankled with cinnamon sugar.” Order via the Boiz on Instagram this Wednesday at 6 p.m. for pickup Saturday morning. Now we just need someone to create a sour cream–flavored schmear….

••• Better Burrito has a new sister business, On a Roll, which offers “our favorite foods on fresh Dutch crunch rolls” for pickup, currently only on weekend evenings. This week’s sandwich has a fried chicken cutlet, mozzarella, basil, tomato, a balsamic-shoyu reduction drizzle, and garlic aioli, with edamame Caesar salad and crispy fingerlings as optional sides.

••• The Independent profiles Byron Collett, manager of the wine section at the Grocery Outlet store on De La Vina.

••• Another new cottage-industry food business has debuted: La Vecinita’s Kitchen, serving “authentic Mexican food.” Lauren, who tipped me off to it, said the pozole is the best she’s ever had.

••• Mesa Verde now has online ordering, so you don’t have to call.

••• Speaking of vegan restaurants, Fatty Vegan is coming to Ventura: “a vegan restaurant that serves beer with a punk vibe. Making Ventura cool again. Opening January 2021” (h/t @805foodie). Below: the barbecued jackfruit sandwich. Not pictured: the Thick Ass Stout, “made with ice cream, stout beer, chocolate syrup, chocolate dipped pretzel, whipped cream and a cherry on top. One sip of this and you will be skanking for the rest of the night.”

••• A lovely message and gesture from Barb’s Pies:

Earlier this week, we got the opportunity to deliver some pies to a group of absolutely amazing folks at Cottage Hospital. […] What this virus, and all the uncertainty has brought to bear, is that we cannot take anything for granted; that for a community to continue and flourish, all of us, both in our capacities as individuals and institutions, must act as both breakwater and backstop in time of need. Hospitals are composed of a compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and fearless group of individuals tasked with jobs that, outside of a pandemic, can be difficult, exhausting and, at times, heartbreaking. In a pandemic, these challenges compound—most of us do not see the day-to-day struggle of care workers beyond the photos of bruised faces on the internet. All of this is to say simply that each and everyone of us can step up and support all those folks who work so tirelessly to support us. […] For our part, we offer anyone who works at Cottage 25% off Barb’s Pies, FOREVER. We would like to also extend this discount to all other healthcare professionals in the SB area who need a little pick me up–just comment [here] with your institution’s name and we’ll follow up with a code.”


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