Arts District Get-Together Tomorrow Evening

••• The businesses of the Arts District—shops, galleries, restaurants—are throwing a Fall for the Arts event this Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. “From signature drinks and seasonal specials to new art exhibits, meet the artists, special discounts at local boutiques and more.”

••• J. forwarded details about a chamber music performance at Bellosguardo on November 4; two or maybe three of the performers are UCSB faculty. Tickets are $240-250. You need credentials to book, which I’m not sure I should pass along. All the more reason to click the “become a supporter” on the foundation’s website, which is the main way to find out about opportunities to visit the property.

••• Opening October 27 at Caldwell Snyder: recent paintings by John Evans that “reflect the artist’s inspired connections to his favorite locations over the past 40 years.” Below: “French Farm.”

••• Yet another possible change coming to Los Alamos: the Los Alamos Market at 405 Bell Street is for sale. The offering includes the business and the building. (It has been on the market for about six months, but I only recently caught wind of it; the price is not listed.)

••• On October 27, the Pearl Chase Society is screening Birth of Beauty, a film about “the creation of Plaza Rubio and the women who set the standard for planning in Santa Barbara. There’s a suggested donation of $5; to reserve, call 805-961-3938.

••• This sounds like fun (to me, anyway): a two-hour guided walk searching for—and learning about—tarantulas, led by Wild Farmlands Foundation at Restoration Oaks Ranch (via Edible Santa Barbara).

••• I had reason to go check out the new-ish Courtyard by Marriott at State and Arrellaga, and I have to say, the roof deck is pretty sweet.


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The tarantula walk sounded interesting to me, too! I love those fuzzy guys (and gals.)


It’s sad to see Bellosguardo has pretty much been turned into a private club for the wealthy. The website says “Building a future where the estate can be enjoyed by all as a focal point for the arts” but the “by all” part should be replaced with “those that can afford it”. This foundation is a joke.

Janet Angelini

After going on a tour, I quickly realized that the foundation is in need of donors and funding, which helped me understand why these paid events keep happening to help fund the upkeep on the grounds and property (and on a tour you are told what those donations have contributed to). To call is a private club is a big stretch — I find it no different than how Lotusland or Casa de Herrero operate — except the public has a misperception that the city owns this (they don’t) and that the public should freely walk about it, which makes absolutely no sense after you go on a tour.