A New Gourmet Destination Is Opening Downtown

Mary Ta, founder of the MASS Beverly and Minotti Los Angeles showrooms, has plans for an ambitious new establishment called Skyfield in the former Black Sheep space at the corner of Anacapa and Ortega. Here’s a top-line description from Ta and her colleague Emmy Pickett:

Skyfield is a community-driven, ingredient-centric dining outpost and retail concept inspired by the stunning landscape of the Santa Barbara coastline and the biodiversity of Skyfield Ranch—an 80-acre certified organic farm nestled in and amongst the Los Padres National Forest. Thoughtfully informed by nature’s design, Skyfield will have a strong emphasis on seasonality and locality—inviting local farmers, fisherman, and artisans to showcase their ingredients with mindfully curated foods, products and educational experiences offered throughout the approx 3,000-square-foot space.

The plans involve a restaurant that will serve lunch and dinner, while a quick-service and retail component will be available alongside a bottle shop.

They’re just starting the process with their architect. More as the plans progress….


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Lol. The description of that restaurant reads like every high end farm to table place opened in the last 20 years. Good luck!


Pretty sure farming within the Los Padres is illegal, the only permitted use is Christmas trees – but if it makes you look trendy, why not?


I believe the article should have stated that the farm borders Los Padres. It’s not in the forest.


Once again, a business fantasy from the big city seems to know what Santa Barbara is missing. What these outsiders don’t seem to “get” is there have been countless others who have imagined the same exact thing. Most are out of business . The Santa Barbara community can’t sustain “concepts”, because the majority of the population aren’t wealthy. With most folks struggling to pay overpriced rent., not much left over for high priced concepts.


Wow. I think it sounds wonderful and wish Mary Ta the very best in making her ambition a reality in SB. I don’t understand the cynicism and catty remarks.