3,000-Square-Foot Condo With Widescreen Ocean Views

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While 36 Seaview Drive ($7.75 million) is not in one of the oceanfront buildings of the Montecito Shores condo compound, it does have the benefit of looking out over the Sea Meadow community rather than at its sister structures. (If you’ve ever walked Hammonds Beach, you’ve probably marveled at the 1970s-style architecture bumping shoulders with English pastiche.) The unit is also on the top floor, with vaulted ceilings and a loft office, and 3,000 square feet with three bedrooms. And you still get deluxe ocean views. P.S. Love the bar area.


The buyer most likely to pay a premium for 472 Santa Rosa Lane ($4.495 million), a 1976 house that needs a total redo, is someone with young kids—not just for the access to Montecito Union School, but because the three guest rooms all share one hallway bathroom, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to change the floor plan. That said, the common rooms are nicely proportioned, and the primary bedroom is huge. P.S. It’s already in escrow.


While Summerland’s 2282 Whitney Avenue ($1.299 million) presents cutely from the street, signs of deferred maintenance abound once you look past the staging. On the plus side, there’s a trailhead a few houses away.


It’s not quite clear how much of the ocean is visible from the ground at 130 Camino Alto ($1.85 million), a .74-acre vacant lot on the Riviera, which may explain why the design for a 4,100-square-foot house emphasizes the upstairs.


615 Bath Street ($550,000) is a .07-acre vacant lot between Cota and Ortega. It’s next to a parking lot for a large complex on Castillo Street and very close to Mission Creek. Note the mud next door.


I don’t follow real estate in Ojai but 1458 Foothill Road ($4.679 million) came on the radar and it’s intriguing: new construction, contemporary architecture, on a .79-acre flag lot. There are only three photos, though. UPDATE 1/21: More photos were added.


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$4.495 million (472 Santa Rosa Lane ) for that kitchen?! With multi-decades-old linoleum? Wow.