Bettina at Home Anytime, via Kitchenette

For those who haven’t heard: Santa Barbara’s favorite pizzas are now available frozen and delivered straight to your door.

As expected, they’ve been selling fast… too fast, even. We’re here to share the news that they’re officially back in stock.

Order your Bettina frozen pizzas online through Kitchenette, or pick them up in person at The Eddy, while supplies last!

The best way to serve  your frozen Bettina Pizza at home? First, pair it with a homemade salad for some added acidity and texture. For the ultimate family-style dinner, add some protein and extra veggies to the table.  Kitchenette’s popular Turkey Meatballs in Marinara and their Pea Leek Ragout are the perfect companions to achieve mealtime perfection: a well-rounded dinner that everyone will love and no one will stress over.

Praised by local customers and approved by young professionals, parents, retirees and kids, Kitchenette offers everyone a mealtime solution for stress-free dinners. If you haven’t already, check out their range of delicious, seasonal, flash-frozen meals at


Sponsored by Kitchenette.