5 Reasons Why Montecito Buyers Are Flocking to Santa Barbara for This Dream Residence!

1. Style – Beyond Compare: Prepare to be swept away by a masterpiece that goes beyond mere architecture. Conceived by the acclaimed AB design studio, this home isn’t just the most beautiful in Santa Barbara; it’s an embodiment of elegance that redefines the very essence of the neighborhood’s value!

2. Unbelievable Value, Twice Over: Imagine not one, but two luxurious havens that beckon you to indulge in a life of opulence. Now, envision a price tag that defies convention, an extraordinary $3,798,000. For this astounding value, you gain access to exquisitely designed dwellings that carry the hallmark of “Montecito” quality, setting new standards of luxury.

3. A Lifestyle of Ultimate Ease: Embrace the essence of convenience on Paseo Tranquillo, the zenith of Santa Barbara’s finest neighborhoods. Nestled within this premier enclave, an array of boutiques, gastronomic delights, and entertainment venues await your leisurely exploration, mere footsteps from your doorstep.

4. Quality Craftsmanship Redefined: Experience a transformation beyond imagination, as this dwelling’s essence is stripped down to its core and meticulously reborn. Every inch is meticulously recrafted, redefining the very notion of quality. Prepare to be ensconced in an environment where luxury meets longevity in perfect harmony.

5. Revelry in Every Corner: Let the home be your stage for jubilation! A symphony of open spaces designed to seamlessly meld indoor and outdoor realms awaits. Experience a setting tailor-made for gatherings, celebrations, and revelry—a space where the joy of living finds its fullest expression.

Taken completely down to the studs and meticulously reimagined and curated by multiple award-winning architectural and interior design firm AB design studio, this stunning single-level residence and its accompanying permitted ADU/”Guest House” features a warm, modern interior design with a captivating board-and-batten beach house exterior, resulting in an unparalleled luxury.

Elevating living to an art form, the boundaries between interior and exterior dissolve effortlessly, thanks to the presence of four sets of panoramic folding doors. This architectural marvel orchestrates an elegant dance between indoor sanctuaries and outdoor haven, where a symphony of elements coalesce. Enveloped by an inviting landscape that showcases the epitome of beauty, the outdoor oasis encompasses a shaded al fresco living and dining room, an expansive modern redwood deck spanning approximately 680 square feet, a captivating modern fire pit, and a verdant expanse highlighted with beautiful olive trees.

Secluded by a tapestry of privacy hedges, the surroundings are adorned with the delicate elegance of white roses and the soothing fragrance of lavender, crafting an enchanting backdrop. Every facet of the outdoor living spaces mirrors the exceptional artistry found within the walls of this residence. A grand entrance through bespoke Dutch doors unveils an expanse reminiscent of an art gallery, seamlessly transitioning into an open floor plan crowned by a contemporary fireplace that serves as a centerpiece of elegance.

The primary suite, a sanctuary of indulgence, boasts soaring ceilings that elevate its grandeur. Within its confines, walk-in closets adorned with bespoke Louis Vuitton and Hermès backlit displays add a touch of couture finesse. The master suite extends an unbroken invitation to an outdoor lounge, seamlessly uniting indoor opulence with a flowing modern fountain. The primary  bath, an ode to spa-like luxury, showcases a deep soaking modern tub, dual sinks with a regal disposition, and his-and-hers custom showers equipped with dual rain shower heads.

A comprehensive renovation has revitalized every facet of this haven, both inside and out, with a spectrum of new enhancements. Among the lavish amenities, one will discover the swiftness of blazing-speed fiber-optic internet, the comfort of air conditioning, the brilliance of Nest technology, the refinement of the Lutron Caseta lighting system, the harmonious sounds of Sonos whole-house audio, and an array of top-tier appliances that culminate in an exquisite sensory experience.

Embark on a journey to discover the epitome of the good life, where contemporary elegance intertwines with functionality to craft an oasis that stands as a testament to refined living.

3010 Paseo Tranquillo is being offered for $3,798,000. Come to the open houses this Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or contact Jason Streatfeild of Douglas Elliman (805-818-7653. [email protected]) to arrange a visit.


Sponsored by Jason Streatfeild of Douglas Elliman (DRE 01834496).