A Stellar Week for New Listings

Noteworthy new listings….

You have to admire the boldness of the architecture at 4038 Foothill Road ($14.9 million) in Carpinteria; “inspired by the Tomol, a Chumash canoe,” the 4,900-square-foot house was designed by Ferguson-Ettinger Architects and completed in 2004. While the stone floors are likely to leave some buyers cold, despite the radiant heat, a good decorator could probably bring the rooms up to date (or at least carpet more thoroughly). And then there’s the matter of the location, up a long and narrow shared driveway in Carp’s agricultural zone; the nearest neighbor is an alpaca farm.


The owners of 568 Toro Canyon Road ($13.499 million) purchased the property in August 2019 from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, in one of the duo’s less successful real estate deals. (They paid $6.7 million and sold it for $6.982 million.) The 1917 house hasn’t changed a bit—it was bought furnished—with the same pluses and minuses: a gorgeous sunroom, marvelous land (8.2 acres), and the best barn around, but also a tight kitchen, a primary bedroom right off the front door, and depressing asphalt shingles. A fix for one of those minuses is in the works: “Land use permit is approved and building permit is pending for a 900-square-foot addition of a primary suite and bedroom.” And an ADU where the basketball court is has its permits, although it seems less crucial, given the barn. P.S. It can be bought furnished.


In some corner of the multiverse, my husband and I live at 3070 Sea Cliff ($11.975 million), having bought it in late 2018, after falling for the combination of a modest 1964 house with world-class views. (It’s on a 1.1-acre lot above Cliff Drive in Yankee Farm.) What stopped us in this universe was the prospect of an everything-everywhere-all-at-once renovation. Whoever ended up buying it instead (for $3.85 million) had a shorter to-do list, and you can see where money was and was not spent. Floors and windows? Fabulous. But the walls are still paper-thin, the guest wing is a warren, the landscaping is half-hearted…. Call me old-fashioned, but I find corner-cutting in a $12 million house hard to swallow.


The 1917 house at 1530 San Leandro Lane ($7 million) in the Hedgerow has historic charm to burn (arguably a bit too much in the bathrooms). If you love a sprawling floor plan—there are five bedrooms—with decades of character, this one’s for you. P.S. The shared well means you might be able to justify that lawn.


Judging from all the potential buyers at the brokers’s open, competition for 2310 Santa Barbara Street ($5 million) will be fierce. It’s certainly a sweet slice of Upper East cake: 4,220 square feet, built in 1917, with some changes you’d want to undo (talking to you, backsplash), but mostly handled with care. The only thing I didn’t love about the property was the backyard, which is too small for the house. I daydreamed about reclaiming the vestigial driveway on the other side of the fence and moving the garage to make better outdoor space.


If I were in the market for a pied-à-terre—and a project—I’d find 1777 Las Tunas Road ($3.495 million) hard to resist: the 1,695-square-foot two-bedroom, built in 1971, is totally rad, with jaw-dropping views. Too bad architect-owner Robert S. Grant didn’t cantilever a nice, big deck. (Also, to get to the laundry room, you pass through a shower….)


The 1930 Spanish house at 417 Calle Palo Colorado ($2.595 million), in the San Roque spiderweb, has been appealingly redone, and the owners have made excellent use of the awkwardly shaped backyard. The two bedrooms share a hallway bath, though, so you might want to budget for converting the little room off the primary bedroom into an en-suite bath/closet.


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 3502 La Entrada Drive ($2.5 million): Now that’s a covered terrace (above). Note the waterfall and pond.
••• 2729 Puesta Del Sol ($3.95 million): Renovated 1925 Spanish between San Roque and the Museum of Natural History; love the roof deck.
••• 710 Monte Drive ($5.495 million): 1980 Hope Ranch Tudor on 1.5 acres; total overhaul required.
••• 432 E. Padre Street ($2.95 million): Small Upper East house that the neighbors probably know as the one with the happy face.
••• 9 E. Quinto Street ($2.795 million): Super-quick flip attempt of a Spanish three-bedroom in the Upper East; it sold for $2.425 in March.
••• 505 El Bosque Road ($3.65 million): Montecito three-bedroom that wants a refresh; the .45-acre lot has potential but it’s on East Valley Road.
••• 4595 Via Maria ($3.799 million): Big 1990 ranch house off San Antonio Creek Road.
••• 746 Santecito Drive ($3.895 million): Sweet little house on a sleeper street.
••• 239 Rametto Road ($3.45 million): Three bedrooms, two baths; needs a redo.
••• 6701 Rincon Road ($4.995 million): A pair of redwood houses on an acre in Carp.
••• 800 Toro Canyon Road ($2.5 million): 7.4-acre lot.
••• 5693 W. Camino Cielo ($2.97 million): And people say country life is boring (below).


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Missy McPhair

417 Calle Palo Colorado–lovely property and beautifully renovated but $2.6 for basically a 2 br/1 ba…the “second” bath is barely a powder room. Configuration a bit odd. Last year’s deal fell through and price jacked up $700K. Will be interesting to see what happens…

Marie Melendez

I beg to differ with the comment relative to 417 Palo Colorado- I’ve seen the property and it’s definitely worth the asking price vis-a-vis all the other proerties I’ve seen/visited

Apparently she’s not perusing enough properties in SB – especially in the San Roque area -so close to main thoroughfare!

Missy McPhair

I certainly wasn’t knocking this listing. More power to the sellers if they prevail in this shifting market. Like I said it’s a beautiful property and renovation but definitely not a family house. Maybe a pied-a-terre for out-of-towners or a family/couple that doesn’t want or need a second bath.