Where in Santa Barbara…?

The first one went well, so let’s do it again: If you know where this was shot, and you want to impress all your friends, prove it in the comments.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Sienna Castaneda-Layman for correctly identifying it as the former Macy’s building at Paseo Nuevo, as seen from Chapala Street just north of Ortega Street. (Technically, it’s the parking garage behind the Macy’s—which presumably explains the car—but close enough.)

Previous winners:
••• October 25: Madison Gold


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Tim Walsh

At first thought I was thinking either mccormix gas on Calle Real at Padaro Lane or across the street at Bunny Phillips old garage where he kept his Bugattis autos as the weather vane looks like a Bugatti Royale

Sienna Castaneda-Layman

Or maybe the old backside of the old Macy’s building in Paseo Nuevo?