AIA Santa Barbara’s Annual Architecture Tour Is Coming Up

••• The AIA Santa Barbara’s ArchitecTours 2023 is October 7: “The projects include newly completed residences on the Mesa, as well as midcentury and cottage-style accessory dwelling units. In addition, tour-goers will also have the chance to visit multi-unit senior and veteran housing projects, Drift Hotel, and SB Biergarten.” Pictured: a Tom Ochsner Architect project in Alta Mesa photographed by Jim Bartsch.

••• Juniper‘s new location at 2476 Lillie Avenue in Summerland opened yesterday.

••• And Santa’s Convenience Store on Santa Claus Lane opens today. It’s at the far end of the street, near the turnaround.

••• From the city of Santa Barbara: “Work on the East Beach Habitat Restoration Project will take place from September 2023 through December 2023. It will implement the restoration of native plants on sand dunes currently covered by non-native, invasive ice plant. […] The Project will be conducted in a 1.13-acre area located at East Beach between the beach sand and the multi-use path, and between Calle Cesar Chavez and the informal soccer fields next to Palm Park Beach House. Removal methods include black tarp solarization and hand removal. Solarization is the process of covering unwanted plants with black tarp for several months until the plants dry out. Dried ice plant branches will be removed, but their roots will be left in place to help stabilize the sand dunes. Installation of irrigation, native plant species, and wooden fencing will follow.”

••• Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will screen at the Arlington Theatre on October 14, 19, 22, 26-29 and November 2, 3, and 5. Tickets are on sale now.

••• I was tickled to see Siteline nominated for the Independent‘s “Best of Santa Barbara” media category, so thank you to whomever did that. I was surprised, however, that not only are the nominees (in other categories, at least) allowed to advertise on the ballot, they apparently also get links to an “about” description and social media as part of the deal.


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The publisher of Independent = exactly how you described their best of list. Self serving and slimy


Considering Rusty’s Pizza and Woody’s BBQ (rip) are always voted “best” in their categories, it’s safe to say that it’s rigged and junk data.


Christine, I don’t think it’s safe to say it’s rigged. You and I just disagree with the masses, who probably vote for what they can afford to eat regularly. Those Michelin Star pizza joints are too pricey for some.

Leslie W

I hope they know how to spell Santa Claus for their logo clothing etc. Unless they are adding a “clause” to the sentence!